Monday, September 5, 2011

A little Out of Order

So these last posts are a little mixed up, but I saw these later and didn't want my kids to think that I wasn't a great mother and forgot their birthdays!!!!

New Favorite Birthday Presents, Mario stuff!!

What was old becomes new again. I would not of guessed that my kids would be playing the games that I played. But I guess that is great want your kids to have the same childhood memories that you had. If I had a girl you bet I would be buying My Little Pony and Strawberry Short Cake stuff. But it is fun watching my kids play Super Mario Bros. on the Wii.

Happy 6th Birthday James

Yet another Party at good ol' Chuck E Cheese! James' birthday falls on Dec 30th, poor kid. So lots of family was in town so we had a great big cousin party.

MInute to Win It Birthday Party

After Stewart's indoor soccer game we all came back to celebrate Stewart's birthday. We had pizza and then played Minute to Win It games. The boys had a blast trying to do each game in a minute.

Happy 8th Birthday Stewart

Happy 5th Birthday Jacob

Chuck E Cheese...A typical birthday place for the Rust Boys!!! I wish that they wanted to go somewhere else, but this is the favorite. Can't say these are great pictures but no one wanted to smile for the camera.

Grammy and Grandpa's Setting Apart

One of the coolest experiences is to go to the church office building and get to go into one of the Apostles offices. I went the first time when my parent were set apart as Mission Presidents in Argentina, and Elder Hales set them apart. Now this time was for Jeff's parents setting apart. They will be Mission Presidents in Russia. So we had the opportunity to sit with Elder Anderson, an Apostle of the Lord. It was absolutely amazing. You had to be age 8 or over to come, so Stewart and his cousin Kaden had the special opportunity to come.